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Allaying Fears About Dental Implants in Toronto

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First impressions are important; and when your smile doesn’t show a full set of teeth, you could end up embarrassed or ashamed every time you open your mouth. Missing teeth can also eventually throw the rest of your teeth out of order, leading to further eventual complications. If you’re missing teeth, maybe you’re afraid of getting them fixed, or maybe you’re not sure where to go for such a procedure, or maybe you’re even worried about the pain.

If you’re in Toronto, there is no need to be embarrassed, because when it comes to dental implants in Toronto, there are treatment services available and there is no need to experience any pain. At a periodontist, dental implants in Toronto can be done with state of the art techniques and equipment, ensuring a successful implant with no pain during the procedure and a completely healed mouth and newly integrated tooth within 4 to 6 months after the initial surgery.

A periodontist is a specialized dentist who goes through extra training to practice period ontology, which involves managing diseases and conditions that affect teeth and their supporting structures. When receiving treatment from a qualified and accredited periodontist, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

The procedure is simple: after a consultation, it starts with a CT scan, to make sure there are no nerves or other complications around the missing tooth area. Specialized burs create a hole for the implant to fit in, and using computer guided technology, fixtures can be implanted without the need for opening gum tissue surgically, or the procedure can be done the traditional way, with gum tissue surgically lifted back and then stitched into place. Don’t let your fears about dental implants keep you from having the smile you deserve; when it comes to dental implants in Toronto, periodontists can painlessly help you bite through anything with a full set of teeth.