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Common Concerns About Dental Implants

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If you have read up on or been recommended dental implants, then you’ll know that they come with a lot of benefits, giving you back a full smile and also the ability to eat and speak normally. This means a lot to those who are missing teeth, as it will give them their confidence back, with many stating the procedure has changed their life.

However, before any dental procedure, it’s natural to have some concerns. Today, we’re going to address some common worries that people have in relation to dental implants in Toronto. At Cumberland Periodontics & Implant Surgery, we are a leading clinic in Toronto offering dental implants and will be able to put your mind at ease.

“They won’t look natural.”

Dental implants are probably the most natural looking false tooth on the market. A tooth will be created to resemble your current teeth so that it mimics their shape and colour. The way the dental implant is inserted is that it is attached to the jaw bone directly with an aluminium screw. That way it won’t have a weird placement or move awkwardly against the gums in an unnatural manner. When you get dental implants, nobody will know the difference.

“I’ll have to travel for the surgery.”

Lots of people don’t realize that dental implants are available right here in Toronto. There’s no need to the travel anywhere. In fact, Cumberland Periodontics & Implant Surgery has three clinics across the city, so you might not even have to travel outside of your neighbourhood. We have clinics on Bloor Street, Danforth Avenue, and King Street. Not needing to go far for dental implants in Toronto will relieve a lot of the nerves associated with surgery and will make the recovery even easier.

“It will be painful.”

Many people think that any type of dental surgery, including dental implants in Toronto, will be unbearably painful. This is not the case at all. You will be given the appropriate sedation when undergoing the surgery and will also be given the right medication to manage pain during your recovery, if needed. The pain of dental implants in Toronto is not nearly as bad as people build it up to be. We encourage those planning on getting dental implants in Toronto to speak with those who have already undertaken the procedure to learn just how manageable it really is.