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Is Summer a Good Time for Periodontal Scaling in Toronto?

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With the warm weather finally upon us in the GTA everyone is busy making plans, heading out on adventures, and kicking back with a BBQ and a yard full of family and friends. For most people, a trip to the dentist is the last thing on their minds. Unfortunately, gum disease doesn’t take vacation time. Here are a few reasons why our dental experts here at Cumberland Periodontics say summer is a great time to schedule your periodontal scaling in Toronto, in between lounging in the pool and a few rounds of golf, that is.

What is scaling and why would I need it?

Our gums are built to protect the base of our teeth, the sensitive roots below, and support the overall function and health of our mouth and jaw. Sometimes due to degenerative disease, age, or neglect, gums can pull away from teeth creating pockets where food debris can become lodged. During the summer, we tend to indulge in sweet treats, our favourite cold beverages, and other season favourites while also going longer periods between brushing while out on day trips and adventures. These pockets of debris are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can then become plaque and eventually tartar. Tartar leads to tooth decay which can spread deeper into the roots and cause untold problems for your mouth and the function of your teeth. Fortunately, periodontal scaling in Toronto can remove the built-up tartar with specially designed tools that scrape it away and smooth roots to encourage better adherence to the teeth.

A world of distractions

Summer is such a busy season for families. Whether you’re lucky enough to have some time off or trying to squeeze in some good times after work, the days fly by and it’s easy to let some things slip. Between taking a dip at Willow Beach or paddling in Kawartha Lakes, it’s understandable that booking a visit with your periodontist may fall to the wayside. However, regular care of your teeth is as important during the summer if not more so. While the average recommendation for a professional cleaning and scaling of our teeth is every six months, for those of us struggling with periodontal disease, more frequent visits may be advisable. If your periodontist feels you could benefit from periodontal scaling in Toronto, it can be helpful to spread the cleaning sessions over the course of a few separate visits to allow the gums time to heal between treatments. Although during the summer months, we are tempted to cast aside our more burdensome tasks like oil changes, dental appointments, and gutter cleaning, in the long run, we’ll thank ourselves for using this time off wisely.

Summer in Ontario is beautiful. There are so many things to do and see while we make the most of the warm weather. When you’re making your summer bucket list, be sure to jot down “periodontal scaling Toronto” and your smile will thank you!