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When It May Be Time to Consider Dental Implants

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Leftover damage from an accident, temporarily repaired cracked teeth, or deterioration following a root canal, there are many factors that can lead to tooth decay, and oral health is far too often put on the backburner. Whether it’s because of the cost, insecurity, or simply due to a lack of time, our teeth frequently fail to get the attention they deserve. However, if you are dealing with tooth loss, or severely damaged teeth, right now may be the time to speak to your dentist about dental implants in Toronto.

We all want to look and feel good, we eat healthy, have expensive gym memberships, and closets full of more clothes than we need, but if you have been ignoring damaged teeth you are discounting a very important component of your overall health. Our teeth affect more than just our smiles, although one cannot discount the importance our smiles have on our self-esteem. Our teeth play a significant role in leading a healthy lifestyle – they affect how we eat, how we communicate, and our body’s general health. Poor oral heath can lead to numerous potential diseases and conditions, including periodontitis (gum disease) cardiovascular disease, respiratory issues, and pregnancy complications.

Teeth that were injured in an accident may take a long time to show signs of damage, however that doesn’t mean damage wasn’t done. Signs that you have suffered a traumatic tooth injury may include pain, an obvious sign, but for others discolouration is the first sign that a tooth is dying. This process may occur quickly, over a few weeks, or can progress slowly over a few years. As the nerves in the tooth die the tooth will eventually changes from white, to off white, yellow, and eventually dark purple or black in appearance. A dying tooth is important to treat as soon as possible for more than simply aesthetics, a dying tooth can quickly spread bacteria to nearby healthy teeth, expanding the problem. Dental implants are a highly effective way to treat the problem at the source and prevent tooth loss and decay from spreading to otherwise healthy teeth.

Cracked teeth do not always require dental implants, they are sometimes repaired with a dental composite and some individuals may be fine for many years with this type of cosmetic repair. However composite bonding was not meant to be a permanent solution and over time discolouration will occur and the crack may worsen. Composite boding also isn’t as strong as dental implants which means extra care must be taken when eating hard foods.

Following a root canal, many patients are able to keep their teeth intact. However, as there is no longer blood flowing to the tooth, it will die and may eventually become discoloured. There are serval options available to treat teeth post root canal, such as veneers or crowns. In some cases, if there is significant deterioration to the tooth, dental implants in Toronto may be recommended.