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Where Periodontitis Comes From- A Closer Look at the Causes of Gum Disease

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If you live in Ontario and suffer from gum disease, you may be frustrated with the uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating symptoms of periodontitis. If your gums are causing you pain, making it difficult to eat, and affecting your quality of life it’s time to see a periodontist in Toronto. To help prepare you for your visit to our caring professionals here at Cumberland Periodontics, we wanted to share some information about the causes of gum disease and healthy next steps to take if you notice worrisome changes in your gums.

Back to the basics

As Canada’s most populated metropolitan area, it’s safe to say Toronto is a busy place. Torontonians are constantly on the move. With family, work, school, and many other commitments to juggle, it can be difficult to dedicate the time that’s truly needed to care for your oral health. When it comes to preventing and treating minor gum disease, though, going back to the basics is paramount. Routine, daily, diligent flossing and brushing is one of the strongest defenses against growing gum disease.

Flossing and brushing remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. Plaque is a sticky clear substance that adheres to the teeth and is caused by the bacteria in the mouth from food and drink residue. While plaque can be easily removed with daily flossing and brushing, if left untouched it will mix with the minerals in your saliva causing a chemical reaction that hardens the plaque into a yellowed substance known as tartar. Tartar is far more difficult to remove and must be cleaned by a dentist or periodontist in Toronto. Unfortunately, untreated tartar can build under the gum line and harbor bacteria leading to infection and inflammation of the gum tissue. This can further escalate into infection in the tooth’s roots, leading to bone loss. Although dedicating enough time to your teeth seems inconvenient at first, given the often uncomfortable and time-consuming consequences of living with and treating periodontitis, daily oral hygiene ends up being the quickest way to prevent gum disease.

Everything in moderation

Much like with other aspects of the human body, oral hygiene can also be maintained by keeping certain foods to a minimum. The obvious culprits are sweet, sticky, sugary things like chewy candies, popcorn, soda drinks, and even starchy bread that remain stuck in the teeth for long periods. Being mindful of what we consume can go a long way in preventing damage to our teeth and gums. Smoking and alcohol can also wreak havoc on the internal structures of the mouth. Gums, teeth, and tongue are all affected by regular smoking and alcohol consumption. Cutting back on these things would make a big difference in the fight against gum disease. Once you meet with your periodontist in Toronto to assess the health of your gums and chart a path forward, you will also have the chance to ask questions about diet and lifestyle that could help you regain your oral health and protect your gums from further damage.

It’s important to remember, the impact of our oral health extends far beyond maintaining a bright shiny smile. Gum and tooth health play important roles in our body’s nutrition intake, bone health, and immune system. Our body suffers when the health of our gums is suffering. Fortunately for those living in Ontario, a visit to the compassionate professionals here at Cumberland Periodontics can get you started with a periodontist in Toronto to treat your gum disease and put happiness and healthy, back into your smile.