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5 Reasons Why Dental Implant Surgery is Nothing to Fear

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Many people have negative feelings or nervousness when they think about visiting the dentist, and particularly when they think about dental surgery, such as getting dental implants. There are many reasons people give for this dread of dental visits, from fear of pain to shame; however, it is vital not to let these fears get in the way of your dental surgery. If your periodontist has recommended dental implants, it is because you need them, and neglecting a dental surgery due to nerves will only make the problem worse.

Fortunately, most fears people have relating to Toronto dental implants are unfounded and can be eased by arming yourselves with a little bit of truth.

Here are 5 reasons why dental implant surgery is nothing to fear:

Every Detail of the Surgery is Planned

On a scale of all possible dental surgeries, dental implants are a relatively minor procedure. The actual process of getting dental implants in Toronto is completed in stages, and a thorough assessment to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure is always the first step. This step may include several images and appointments with other specialists. Even for the most complex cases, your periodontists will have carefully planned each step of the surgery, ensuring there are no surprises during surgery.

You Won’t Feel Any Pain During the Procedure

Depending on the procedure and your comfort level, there will be several sedation options, ranging from a local anesthetic or inhaled sedation via nitrous oxide gas (also known as laughing gas) to IV sedation. No matter the option you choose, you will not experience any pain during the surgery.

There is Minimal Post-Surgical Discomfort

Once the implant has been placed, and the sedation has worn off, patients can expect to experience very minimal discomfort. The implant itself does not drastically disrupt the gum tissue, and stitches will dissolve on their own. For most patients, the pain is manageable with a simple combination of ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

Dental Implant Surgery Has a Very High Success Rate

Once you have undergone dental implant surgery, you can be very confident about the results. The procedure has a success rate of over 95%, meaning that for the vast majority of patients, once the final crown is placed, you never need to worry about the risk of failure or having to undergo additional surgeries.

Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

Even if you have not managed to alleviate your fear, you can take comfort in knowing that for most patients in Toronto, dental implant surgery is a one-and-done procedure. While the crown has a life expectancy of 15-25 years, the surgically implanted screw will last forever, so even if you need to have a crown replaced eventually, you will not require another surgery.

Toronto dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular tooth replacement option. Dental implants are the most natural-looking and feeling artificial tooth, and the implant procedure guarantees improved longevity and functionality compared to other, less-permanent replacement techniques. Millions of people have undergone dental implant surgery, and the results speak for themselves – happy, healthy smiles for many, many years to come.