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6 Tell-tale Signs You Should See a Periodontist

Posted on by admin

Looking after your teeth is one of the most important parts of your overall health, as anyone who has had considerable dental problems will be able to advise.

Here are six tell-tale signs that you should see a periodontist, starting with noticing a change in your bite.

Reason 1: Change Of Bite

If you have noticed a different bite pattern, or your teeth are feeling different during chewing and other oral activities, this is one of the more obvious signs that you should see a periodontist. In being experts in the field, they are best able to advise of the reasons for the changes and the potential options available to help you, if you do have any problems.

Reason 2: Teeth are feeling loose

If you have noticed that your teeth are starting to feel loose, this is another of the main signs you should see a periodontist. Even if you think you might be being paranoid and they aren’t any looser than normal, having them checked is highly recommended.

Reason 3: Receding Gums

While it can be easy to imagine that you have receding gums, if you start to believe the process is actually occurring, booking yourself in for a check-up to a periodontist is highly advised.

Reason 4: Pain And Discomfort

In today’s era you shouldn’t have to live with any pain and discomfort from your teeth, with there often being a solution to fix any dental problem that exists. Experiencing pain and discomfort is certainly one of the tell-tale signs you should see a periodontist, with a check-up arranged at your earliest convenience.

Reason 5: Bleeding Or Swollen Gums

Along with pain and discomfort, bleeding or swollen gums can be another of the more obvious signs you should see a periodontist. This is another area that shouldn’t be ignored, as it can often indicate a larger issue, such as gum disease.

Reason 6: You Have Never Seen A Periodontist

While this may seem like a strange suggestion, choosing to visit a periodontist is an even better idea for those who have never been before.

With prevention being one of the best forms of dental care, having a periodontist assess the state of your teeth, gums and mouth can be a great decision, as there is often actions that can be taken now, in order to prevent problems from occurring in the future.