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Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Posted on by admin

If you have one or multiple missing teeth, you may have considered dental implants in Toronto. While many people are eager to get this treatment, a lot are put off by the cost. Initially, it can seem quite high, especially compared to dentures. However, when you look at the overall picture, there is clearly one winner and when you do some research, you will figure out that dental implants in Toronto are definitely worth it.


Unlike dentures, dental implants in Toronto are a permanent solution. You will not need to replace them every few years. This can be a cost advantage in the long run and will clear up your schedule, as you will not need to get new dentures fitted on a semi regular basis.

No Need to Remove

Having to remove dentures at night is a daily reminder that you are missing teeth. This can be inconvenient at the best of times and embarrassing at the worst. Dental Implants will always stay in your mouth, as they are attached to your jawbone directly with a titanium screw. Those who have gotten dental implants in Toronto simply love this fact, as they often end up forgetting they were once missing teeth in the first place.

Look and Feel Natural

Aside from not having to remove them, dental implants look and feel completely natural. The new tooth will match your own teeth in both colour and shape. And due to the fact that teeth are kept in place using a titanium screw attached to the jawbone, there will be no slip or movement, just like your actual teeth. Patients report being able to eat, talk and smile as they would have when they had all of their natural teeth.

Financial Solutions

Finally, the cost of dental implants may not be as big as you initially thought. Aside from factoring in the savings made from no longer having to replace dentures, there are other ways in which you can manage it as well. You may have extended health care through your employer, which means that part of the cost for your dental implants could be partially covered. If not, you could also work out an affordable payment plan where you do not have to pay the entire cost all at once.

Dental implants in Toronto are a life changing option for those missing teeth and when you look into the advantages, it is easy to see that they are indeed worth it.