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Crown (Root-Form) Dental Implants: Take the Biggest Bite Out of Life Again

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We all lose teeth, it’s a part of life, in our adolescence, sometimes in our youth, and then in the later years; sometimes, unfortunately, a little earlier than we should. Many people aren’t aware of the variety of options which exist to help replace a lost tooth. One of the best options is crown (root-form) Toronto dental implants, a more permanent replacement for a tooth that doesn’t need to be put in and taken out like dentures or retainers — those who have had braces will know.

Root-form dental implants are a complete, permanent single tooth replacement, consisting of three components:

  1. A titanium screw, which is surgically implanted into the jawbone and which fortifies in place as the bone heals around that (as bone is actually a living, changing organism). This is called osseointegration and completes over the course of 4-6 months.
  2. An “abutment”, which is a fancy term for a metal tip upon which the replacement tooth is placed and secured. Abutments are also able to be used to affix bridges (which are rows of replacement teeth connected to each other) and dentures.
  3. And, the final part is another fancy term that you may have heard of: the “crown”. This is the replacement, manufactured tooth, made to match the colour and features of the rest of your teeth to blend in well, to best let you live more normally again, with all the benefits of presenting a full set of teeth!

As you can imagine, this individual replacement is the closest thing you can get to your original teeth, and is worth considering for the following reasons:

  • Speech Alterations from Alternatives

Dentures and bridges are found to sometimes slightly alter the way users speak and sound, owing to the complexity of matching the natural placement and shifting of natural teeth the body originally produced.

  • No Shifting

Dentures can actually shift around, particularly while eating, and this can increase the difficulty and complexity of eating, as well as cause discomfort. Dental implants are solidly fixed in place and don’t move at all. It is titanium after all…

  • Confidence and Peace of Mind: Set It and Forget It

The difference between replacing a tooth and not having to worry about it — versus having a denture you have to take out every night — is significant psychologically; you can almost forget you ever lost a tooth, whereas with a retainer you’ll be a little more aware of it every day. This can be important for some people. Sometimes people even forget to put on their dentures in the morning, and, again for some but not all, that can be annoying and embarrassing, or something to have a sense of humor about! If you want to save yourself some hassle and time in the long run though, dental implants may be preferable.

  • Straightforward, Simple Procedure

Only local anesthesia is used during the drilling, blocking all pain and feeling during the implantation. Occasionally, depending on the location and on the patient’s bone structure, additional bone needs to be added in order for there to be a sufficient amount of it to secure an implant, and this can be done separately — prior to, or during — the implantation procedure.

Cumberland Periodontics offers dental implants in Toronto and will be able to help determine which are right for you, based on your unique situation, such as how many teeth are missing or need replacement, their location relative to one another, the convenience and pros and cons of each you desire. If you’re seeking Toronto dental implants, contact us: email or call today for a comprehensive consultation appointment with our experienced team!