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Dental Implants Toronto

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It is never a good day when you lose some of your teeth or even one tooth. Whether it is because of an accident or disease, the end result of having teeth lost can seriously impact your confidence and self image. Even with the addition of dentures, you never feel as good as you were before the loss of teeth. The good news is that there is a permanent solution to a tooth loss. You can now get dental implants in Toronto that will give you a replacement of your lost tooth and lost self confidence. If your mouth has the ability to support dental implants, it could make your wish come true.

The loss of your teeth can happen due to a variety of reasons. Trauma to the jaw is a painful one, where you might lose perfectly healthy teeth due to an accident. Then there are also certain kinds of diseases of the mouth that can result in loss of teeth. In these cases, removing the teeth can be the result of a serious problem or to help prevent even more serious problems. No matter the reason, if you are eligible for dental implants, you can get back your smile and never have to wear partial or full dentures.

The procedure starts with a scan of your mouth and jaw. You need to have enough supportive bone and adjacent teeth to make sure the dental implants will be held in place. If the periodontist you went to for possible dental implants in Toronto feels that you have the support in your jaw, then they will go to the next step. This involves pulling back the gums and drilling into your jaw. Then there is the insertion of the implants and the stitching of the gums back in place. Naturally it is all done under local anesthetic so there should be no pain felt during the procedure. After the numbing wears off, there will be some discomfort, but this can be managed. When healing is done, and a crown is affixed to the implant, you have a mouth full of teeth again.

Do some research and go and then make an appointment to find out if you are eligible for dental implants. Cumberland Periodontics and Implant Surgery has three offices around Toronto for your convenience and also the latest technology to make your dental implants a success. Book an appointment and get your smile back.