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How to Find a Good Periodontist in Toronto

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Are you in search of a good periodontist in Toronto? Periodontics is a dental speciality that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, development of, and maintenance of healthy, functional attachment levels around teeth and implants. They deal with periodontal diseases and dental implants, providing patients with the smile they have always wanted.

Periodontal treatments might include gum grafts, dental implants, root coverage grafts, bone augmentation, crown lengthening or a full smile makeover.

Choosing a trusted periodontist can be a difficult decision. While periodontists receive extensive and accredited training beyond dental school, you will want to find one who is continually upgrading their training in order to remain current with advancing technologies and best practices of care.

One good place to start is by checking the dentist’s certifications. Ask if the dentist is a member of the Canadian Academy of Periodontology. You will also want to check out their office and your level of comfort in that space. Their clinic should offer a clean, professional, and friendly environment.

When looking for a good periodontist in Toronto, ask about the types of sedation options they offer. If you are fearful of the dental treatment, you may want to look into advanced sedation options. Clinics may offer gas, oral pill, or IV sedation. If you would rather have a higher level of sedation while having work done, find out what options are available before you book treatment.

Depending on your dental benefits, it can be worthwhile asking what financing options are available when looking for a good periodontist in Toronto. Changes are, if you need periodontal care, you may not be able to wait until you have the full amount of cash saved in the bank. If you need work done now, look for an office that will offer payment options.

While asking questions, ask about technology and their thoughts on new procedures. While newer isn’t always better, in the changing world of periodontics, it can be beneficial to utilize some of the most advanced options for treatment. Periodontists who are knowledgeable about the most recent practices and procedures will be able to provide you with the most advanced treatment options.

Looking for a periodontist in Toronto doesn’t have to be difficult. Check with the Canadian Academy of Periodontology, look for someone that is fully certified, and ask lots of questions. From procedure types, to sedation options, to bedside manner, with just a little bit of research, you will be able to find the right periodontist for you.