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The Benefits of a Single Tooth Implant

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Have you lost a tooth that needs replacing? Whether it was due to an accident or health problem, a single tooth implant is one of the best options you have to replace a missing tooth.

In opting for a single tooth implant, you are getting an artificial root and tooth, which do not require any other teeth for structural support. When completed, it functions and acts exactly like a natural tooth, making it a popular choice for many people.

Single Tooth Implant

In this article, we look at the benefits of a single tooth implant, and why it should be strongly worth your consideration.

Strong And Durable

While the process for having a single tooth implant might take longer than other replacement methods, this is more than made up for by its strength and durability and the ease of maintenance. Designed to work for a great deal of time, it will often last the entire lifespan of a patient, without requiring any additional work.

No Impact On Neighboring Teeth

With other forms of dental work, other teeth might be impacted, in order to help keep a replacement tooth in place. This is not the case with a single tooth implant, however, as it relies on its own artificial root to keep itself in place, much like a natural tooth.


If you choose a single tooth implant, you are investing in an artificial tooth that is designed to look and feel exactly like a natural one.

It is one of the best methods in terms of aesthetics, as the finished product should look as good as, if not better, than your original tooth. This is a large drawing point for many people who choose this treatment, as they can maintain their previous smile, before the tooth loss occurred.

Necessity Of A Tooth Replacement

Without replacing a natural tooth that has been lost, dislodged or removed, it can lead to further complications, such as crooked or unevenly spaced teeth. Along with this, it can also affect your bite and chewing action, making it very important to replace. A single tooth implant can help to restore your mouth to its original state, being greatly beneficial from both a health and aesthetic point of view.

Why not contact a dentist today to enquire about a single tooth implant, and get the ball rolling on replacing your missing tooth.