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What are Periodontics and why you should find Periodontics in Toronto?

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General dentistry offices are quite common, even in small towns. For more specialized care, a patient will often need to travel to a larger city such as Toronto. Within Ontario, periodontics in Toronto offers some of the highest quality and up-to-date techniques for periodontal care in the province.

A periodontist is a specialized dentist that focuses on jaw bone and gum diseases. While general dentists perform routine care and teeth maintenance, such as fillings, tooth extractions, and diagnosing oral diseases and problems, a periodontist is often needed for more specialized tasks, or when a problem has progressed beyond preventative measures, such as some forms of gum disease or for many dental surgeries.

The gums are often a part of the mouth that we take for granted. They form a seal around the teeth and act as support between the teeth and the bones. Problems with the gums can lead to tooth loss and pain. Many gum diseases are caused when bacteria build in and around the teeth and gums. The bacteria release wastes that cause breakdown and inflammation of the gums and teeth, and can even lead to infections in the jaw bone. Gum disease has not only been linked to tooth loss, but is also linked to problems with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and much more. Periodontists are able to perform gum scaling and root planning to remove bacterial plaque and help treat gum disease.

Periodontics are also required for many dental surgeries. Some common periodontal surgeries include periodontal grafts, periodontal flap surgery, or periodontal regeneration.

These surgeries allow for the cleaning, protections from infection, and regeneration of gum and bone.

When looking for specialists, it is important to find one with the resources and skill to ensure that your procedures are done correctly and with minimal damage. Toronto is an attractive city for highly skilled specialists in all fields and periodontics in Toronto is no exception.

If you are having gum issues or are in need of dental surgery, you need to find a trusted periodontist. If you require periodontics in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, consider Cumberland Periodontics and Dental Surgery for your Periodontics needs and to determine the best course of action. The specialists here have been performing periodontics services for decades and have continued to incorporate the latest technology into their practices, such as the use of computer guidance techniques for particularly complex cases.