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How Dental Implant Surgery Can Help to Recover from a Damaged Tooth

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If you have a damaged tooth that needs replacing, dental implant surgery is one of the most popular and effective forms of treatment.

Below, we look into the reasons that dental implant surgery makes for a great choice, starting with a brief explanation of what it entails.

Brief explanation

Before dental implant surgery can begin, a full examination will need to be conducted, in order to assess your suitability. There are a number of factors that can affect this, such as the strength of your jawbone. As the first procedure of dental implant surgery is to install an artificial root, which is inserted into the jawbone, it needs to be strong enough for this to be successfully supported.
For those who don’t have the necessary strength, there is the option of bone grafts to help with making it strong enough for dental implant surgery.

Following the implantation of the artificial root, this is then left for weeks or months to heal, before a replica tooth is then attached to the root, via an abutment with a crown placed over the top. This creates a lifelike and extremely durable tooth, making it a great option for replacing damaged teeth.

Restoring your smile

One of the great advantages of opting for dental implant surgery is that it allows you to regain your smile. Those who are missing teeth can often be self-conscious with smiling or showing their teeth, with dental implant surgery able to put an end to that.


There is also a great deal of convenience with dental implant surgery for replacing a damaged tooth, as this allows you to continue using your teeth as before the tooth damage or loss occurred. Having to eat differently or avoid certain foods is not something that anyone wishes to do, with dental implant surgery helping to avoid this situation.

Strength and durability

Once you suffer from a damaged tooth that needs replacing, opting for a treatment that provides strength and durability is key. With dental implant surgery, you are giving yourself the maximum level of strength for the replacement, with many implants lasting the lifetime of the patient.

Seeking a professional opinion

If you think that dental implant surgery is for you, then get in contact with a periodontist today, as they are able to help provide further information and assess your suitability.