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Ignoring Missing Teeth Can Lead to Major Health Problems Later On

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When my mother was her late 30’s, she lost a tooth, and as it was a molar, she opted to leave the space empty. Years later, she’s had to undergo major dental work to help rectify a situation that could have been much simpler to address immediately – a small cost savings 20 years ago lead to a major expense later on. If you have been dealing with missing teeth, it may be time to pay a visit to a periodontist in Toronto to ask about dental implants.

Our teeth are important for many reasons, chewing, eating, talking, and even our appearance, but something that we may not consider is what happens below the surface when we are missing a tooth.


When a gap is left in your mouth, over time other teeth will shift to fill in the space. The movement is so imperceptible that you may not even notice until much later when symptoms of misaligned teeth begin to occur. This may not sound like a big deal, however our teeth are so perfectly matched that even a small change can cause a variety of painful symptoms, including grinding teeth, jaw pain, and headaches. The earlier you take steps to correct misalignment, the more straightforward the procedure will be, and the sooner you can feel better. Luckily, Toronto dental implants are easily accessible and affordable.


The hole left behind by a missing tooth is like an open invitation for bacteria to collect. A gum infection is unpleasant, it can cause discomfort, bleeding, bad breath, and if left undetected could quickly progress into gum disease, which could in turn cause more gum decay and tooth loss. Dental implants can help reduce the risk of infection by closing up the gap left by missing teeth. You’ll be left looking and feeling better.

Lost Bone Mass

We tend to only think about the part of the tooth that we can see, however the tooth and root extend well beneath the gum line. When a tooth is pulled and nothing is put in its place to support the bone, the jaw bone will very slowly begin to deteriorate. This loss of bone mass can have a compounding effect, it can cause further tooth loss as neighbouring teeth shift to fill the void, and lead to changes in the appearance and the shape of your face. A periodontist in Toronto can create dental implants which will not only improve your appearance and your ability to eat, but will also create an artificial root and tooth to help support the jaw and surrounding teeth.