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Regrown Healthy Gums with Periodontal Grafting

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If you’ve received a diagnosis of gum recession, don’t disregard it, but tackle this issue immediately. The gum recession results from either gum disease or over-brushing, two severe oral conditions that, if not treated with immediate attention, have a risk of developing tooth loss.

Gums are eroded, eventually exposing the roots of the teeth. Because roots do not have a cover enamel, they are prone to decay, sensitivities, and even instability to retainment in bone. Moreover, the receding of the gums will affect the way bacteria collect in the gaps left, making it harder to clean teeth.

Fortunately, the periodontal graft procedure is an effective solution to repair receded gums and prevent further damage. This minimally invasive procedure renews the lost gum tissue on the roots.

During grafting, the periodontist takes a thin layer of gum tissue from elsewhere in your mouth (or from donated human tissue) and attaches it to the bone voids. The grafted tissue acts as scaffolding; the new inflamed gum tissues will grow over the bony roots.

As soon as the graft material is integrated with the surrounding gums, natural gum tissue forms, resulting in a protective seal around the root. This helps to avoid a future relapse, halt bone loss, and, finally, restore the aesthetic aspects of the mouth.

For those with sensitive roots or tooth decay, grafting eliminates existing issues and prevents them from getting worse. Consequently, the tissue will develop a new covering, making it much easier to maintain good hygienic standards and keep any bacteria in this area under control by brushing and flossing daily.

Grafting operates on the principle of covering roots to improve the aesthetic value of teeth. As a result, your smile becomes uniform and looks healthy.

Quintessentially, periodontal grafts are technologically advanced and well-proven to have a success rate of over 90% based on published studies that show them to be effective at restoring thin or receding gum tissues.

Yes, surgery requires the body to heal as well. However, the majority of patients do not typically suffer severe discomfort, which can be managed with pain medications. In about four weeks, the patient forms new, muscular, reinforced gum tissue around the tooth.

Restoring your oral health will leave you with a complete smile and confidence. Never think that gum recession cannot be treated or cannot cause tooth loss. Brush your periodontal health worries away with periodontal grafts in Toronto performed at Cumberland Periodontics today!