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What Does a Periodontal Surgeon in Toronto Do?

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A periodontal surgeon in Toronto, as elsewhere in Canada, performs dental procedures relating to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of periodontal diseases.
In this article, we look at some of the most commonly sought services for a periodontal surgeon in Toronto, starting with crown lengthening.

Crown Lengthening

This specific procedure may need to be performed if you have broken your tooth, with the break line being underneath the gum level. Other reasons it might need to be performed is if the clinical crown is too short, or if you are experiencing tooth decay below the gum line.

In either case, seeking out a periodontal surgeon in Toronto to assist with crown lengthening is a common and highly beneficial option.

Periodontal Grafts

Periodontal grafts is a procedure utilized when the length of the gum needs to be increased, in order to cover over a root surface that would otherwise be exposed.

A new layer of gum tissue is surgically transferred from another area to where it is required, which helps to provide protection to the tooth from potentially harmful bacteria and inflammation. Reducing the chance of inflammation is key, as it can lead to additional gum recession, as well as bone loss.

Periodontal Regeneration

Another procedure that is best left to a periodontal surgeon in Toronto, is periodontal regeneration. This is a procedure that helps reform a diseased area by regenerating bone and soft tissue. It can be a relatively non-invasive surgery, with a periodontist being able to access deep pockets through periodontal flaps, mentioned below.

Periodontal Flaps

The last procedure performed by a periodontal surgeon in Toronto that we will cover in this article, is the periodontal flap. In this process, the periodontist can gain access to the deeper areas of your mouth, such as the bone and roots of your teeth.

This area lurks underneath your gum tissue, which therefore requires surgery to access. With the gum lifted gently from the bone, it paves the way for other procedures to be performed, such as thorough bone and root cleaning. Additionally, it might refer to the bone being reshaped or periodontal regeneration performed, as described above.

While this only covers some of the procedures that a periodontal surgeon in Toronto can perform, it helps to give an idea of the scale of the procedures and the areas of expertise of periodontal surgeons.