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What is a Periodontal Surgeon?

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If you have previously had to visit a periodontal surgeon in Toronto, you will know that they are focused on dealing with periodontal disease, which is also known as gum disease.

Specializing in helping with the treatment and diagnosis of gum disease, along with its prevention, they are the experts within their field. In order to become a periodontal surgeon in Toronto, there is extra education and training that is required, before they are able to practice as a periodontal surgeon.

Periodontal Surgeon

What They Can Assist With

Along with helping with severe gum disease, periodontists can help resolve inflammation of the mouth. There are a complex set of treatments that are offered, with one of the most effective being root planing, which is where an infected area or surface of a root is thoroughly cleaned.

Another common procedure is root surface debridement, which is the method of ridding the tooth of calculus and stains, through the process of scaling. After this is completed, the teeth are then polished to complete the treatment.

A Typical Periodontist Check-Up

Generally, when a patient goes to see a periodontal surgeon in Toronto, they will first look at both your dental and medical history. This is a very important first step, as there can often be links between periodontal problems and wider issues, such as heart complications, or diabetes.

After examining the problematic areas, the periodontal surgeon in Toronto will go about assessing your gums and teeth, checking for other potential problems. Included in this, is the measuring of periodontal pocket depth, which is a very useful indicator for the healthiness of your gums.

Additionally, there are a number of other checks that periodontists can perform, in order to gain an accurate view of your overall oral wellness.

If you are experiencing any gum problems, booking an appointment with a periodontal surgeon in Toronto is highly advised, as they will be able to properly diagnose and treat the issues.