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What to Expect When Opting for Dental Implants in Toronto

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If you are getting, or considering dental implants in Toronto, then read on, as we detail a brief outline of what to expect.

Step 1: Preparation

The preparation stage will start out with a thorough evaluation and scan of your teeth, often including X-rays and other scanning technology, allowing them to assess the suitability and condition of your mouth and teeth.

Dental Implants in Toronto

The next step is to devise a custom-made plan of how the treatment will be done. This will be dependent on a number of variables, such as the number of dental implants required, along with the strength of your jawbone. For those who have a weak jawbone, additional surgery may be required, in order to sufficiently strengthen it for the implant.

Step 2: The Process

The treatment process can change due to the type of situation or scenario faced, with it starting with the removal of the damaged tooth or teeth, if they aren’t already missing. If the jawbone is weak, as mentioned above, a graft might be needed, before the metal post of the dental implant is inserted into the jawbone.

After this occurs, the patient will then need a number ofweeks or months before healing is complete. Following this, the surgeon will then fix on an abutment, which extends away from the metal post that has already been inserted. On top of the abutment an artificial crown is then added, which has the appearance and design of a natural tooth.

The time taken from the start of the surgery, through to the end, will vary greatly, depending upon the complexity of the situation. A weak jawbone, for example, will add a longer period of required healing time onto the process.

Step 3: Afterward

After you have undergone surgery for dental implants in Toronto, there may be small levels of discomfort that arise. These are often normal to the situation, with regular check-ups to your surgeon required to ensure the implants are healing correctly.

Further information on what to eat and how to care for your new dental implants in Toronto will be provided by your surgeon, and can again vary depending on your circumstance.

There is a very high success rate with dental implants in Toronto, with them often lasting the entire lifespan of the patient, making them a very popular and recommended form of treatment