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How Periodontics Services In Toronto Can Benefit You

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Do you ever notice your gums seeming more red than usual? Are you struggling with bad breath? Do your teeth feel loose or hurt when you brush them?

These symptoms can be common but concerning when they are a regular occurrence.

If you are experiencing any regular pain or discomfort in your mouth, it might be a sign of early gum disease. Luckily, experts in Periodontics services in Toronto can help you narrow down possible causes and work out a treatment plan for your oral health. These procedures can easily be completed within a single day visit to the dentist.

First, let us learn more about the field of Periodontics and see how Periodontics services in Toronto can benefit you.

What is Periodontics?

As a branch of dentistry, Periodontics deals with the diseases of the supporting and investing structures of the teeth. This includes the gums, cementum, periodontal membranes, and the alveolar bone.

Periodontics services in Toronto are specialized services that can help identify causes for concern in these areas and set you up with a treatment plan after consultation.

What happens during Periodontal procedures?

Periodontal services are diverse in what they offer. During an initial screening, a short dental exam is conducted to determine which areas of the patient’s mouth are showing signs of possible gum disease or infection. Checking the overall appearance and colour of the gum, as well as the amount of bleeding is done first. This may then be followed by specialized procedures which may involve oral surgery.

What are examples of Periodontal procedures?

 Here are the most common dental procedures done by Periodontics Services in Toronto:

  • Scaling and root planing are the removals of accumulated plaque and debris from deep periodontal pockets. Often, smoothing is done over the root’s surfaces to keep gum lines bacteria-free and prevent any new buildup over time.
  • The periodontal flap procedure is a minimally invasive procedure done by lifting the gum tissue to establish the proper placement of the gum over the bone.
  • The regenerative procedure takes place after cleaning is performed, the use of an enamel matrix protein within deep dental pockets aids in the regeneration of damaged areas. Saving the bone and the surrounding lost tissue is the main goal.
  • Dental implant placement is the attachment of prosthetic teeth to the jaw bone is done to fill in gaps where a tooth may be missing. The metal implant is screwed into place after an initial scan is performed for optimal placement.
  • Periodontal gum grafts is an exposed root surface covered by placing a band of collected gum tissue from one part of the mouth to the recessed area. This aims to treat gum sensitivity and prevent decay.
  • Dental crown lengthening is a procedure that targets areas of the gum that cover most of the teeth and removes the excess. It is either done as a cosmetic solution or to restore areas with decay.

What are the benefits of undergoing Periodontal procedures?

 These procedures aim to maintain your oral health, prevent future gum disease, and brighten your smile. If you feel concerned about any symptoms or feel the need for It is important to schedule regular dental visits with Periodontal services to spot any early warning signs. At Cumberland Periodontics and Implant Surgery, we value your oral health. Focusing on diagnosis and treatment of the gums, our dental specialists aim to educate everyone on Periodontics services in Toronto. We are confidently committed to finding the right treatment plan for all of your oral health needs.